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Sheyenne Valley

Arts & Crafts Association (SVACA)


55th Annual 
SVACA  Marketplace

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 23rd, 10AM to 5PM

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 24th, 10AM to 4PM



The community of Fort Ransom looks forward to greeting you to our 55th Annual SVACA Marketplace on Saturday, September 23rd, from 10am to 5pm, and Sunday, September 24th, from 10am to 4pm.  Come and enjoy browsing and shopping the wide variety of goods offered by area artisans, visit the food court and local food vendors, all while taking in the beautiful fall colors displayed throughout the Sheyenne River Valley. 


About Us

SVACA is a non-profit organization, and our goal is to encourage and promote cultural activites in North Dakota and surrounding areas.  We support art education in schools, the Ransom County Museum, and have sponsored classes for drawing, stamping, painting, and others.


The Board of Directors is a group of 19 people from the surrounding area who are elected to serve three-year terms (as directors) or two-year terms (as officers).   They meet once a month to talk about buildings and ground maintenance, to plan for summer and fall events (parades, art shows), and prepare for the fall festival. 


SVACA sponsors events and opportunities for artists and craftspersons throughout the year.  A co-op store is opened in Sheyenne Hall Memorial Day weekend through mid-September,  in which vendors sell arts, crafts, antiques, and many unique, interesting items.   It is open Saturdays, and Sundays from 12 - 5 pm, and Tuesday evenings from 6-9 pm.  It is also open for holidays such as Memorial Day, the Independence Day, and Labor Day.  It can be opened any other time by contacting one of the store committee/board members.


Annual Fall Festival 

The Arts & Crafts Fall Festival is held every year the last FULL weekend of September.  Come patronize SVACA's lunch counter in the basement of Bear Creek Hall where we serve homemade pies, rolls and coffee.  

SORRY BUT WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING APPLICATIONS AS WE ARE FULL.  We'd be happy to put you on a Wait List in event of cancellations.

2023 SVACA Marketplace Festival




FOR EVERYONE'S CONVENIENCE, an ONLINE APPLICATION OPTION is available.  To submit your Application, simply click on this link - OnLine Registration Form.  Please complete all required fields, include photographs of products (along with descriptions), and submit payment with your application.  The jury goes over all applications, and spaces are then assigned.  You will be emailed soon after with the area assignment to confirm your acceptance in the show.  If there is room available after the jury has met, late applications will be considered. 


There is limited indoor space available, and vendors are chosen by space availability, public appeal and variety, as well as quality.  We are working to keep this show one of artistic, vintage , upcycled, creative and home-made arts and crafts.  Please help support us in this effort by giving us descriptions of HOW you make your products in addition to descriptions of what products you will bring to the show.


For questions, call SVACA at 701-973-4461 or send an email to  As an alternative to the "OnLine Registration Form", vendors can also download, complete, print, and mail a Vendor Application Form by going here.




We have limited electrical hook-ups and space for food vendors, so we can only select a few every year.  If you are interested in being considered, please send these forms to us.  Thank you!      FOOD VENDOR ONLINE APPLICATION FORM


 As an alternative to the "Food Vendor OnLine Application Form", vendors can also download, complete, print, and mail a Vendor Application Form by going here.